Eat More Brunch: The Fat Hen

This is the year to eat more brunch! In fact, it’s one of my goals for 2017. I know, right? Best. Goal. Ever.

My coworker told me that in 2016 she had a goal to eat more brunch, so I can’t really take credit for this genius idea. I was immediately inspired and thought, “What a fabulous goal for the year!” and decided to follow her lead.

I sent a short text to D and C about this new goal of mine, and it didn’t take them long to agree to this brunch adventure. We quickly began sifting through our where-to-eat lists,We chose to steer away from our typical Ballard/Fremont staples, and ventured to the Phinney Ridge neighborhood on a frigid winter morning. “What’s in Phinney Ridge?” you ask. The Fat Hen, that’s what.

We could see several groups of people waiting to be seated when we pulled up to the restaurant since there isn’t much of an indoor waiting area. It goes without saying that The Fat Hen is small and also very popular on the weekends. You have probably heard of this place, or at least seen the photos of their famous egg bakes. I’m not go lie…those photos definitely step up a person’s Instagram game. The dish sure is beautiful, am I right?

The Egg Bakes are served in individual cast iron skillets and a baguette for dipping. Delicate eggs surrounded by bubbling tomato sauce is certainly show-stopping. I can’t speak to how it tasted, but I trust my girls when they say it was a delicious meal.

I ordered the Florentine Eggs Benedict, without the English muffin (because I was still on my gluten-free kick.) And I opted for the side salad to make this an extra green breakfast!

This was the best Eggs Benedict I’ve had in a long time. Hollandaise is not usually my jam, because it’s always heavy and thick.  The hollandaise at The Fat Hen, however, was aaaaamazing. So light and silky, and I didn’t feel guilty (or sick) after eating it. The side salad was also great – greens tossed with a little bit of oil, salt, and pepper.

I’ll let the few photos on this page speak for themselves, because I don’t have much more to say about this quintessential Seattle brunch.

The Fat Hen is a wonderful place for snapping a gorgeous food photo for your Instagram brunch on any day of the week. So what are you waiting for? Call your favorite brunch partners, and head on over to The Fat Hen this weekend!

The Fat Hen | 1418 NW 70th St, Seattle, WA 98117

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