About Me

My name is Bianca Veronica. I am a self-proclaimed foodie, home cook, and wine enthusiast.

My love and appreciation for real food started at a young age. I learned how to use a steak knife before I was five – there’s a photo at my parents home to prove it. My favorite place in any home is the kitchen, even the one in my Seattle apartment. It is the place where I am most comfortable and creative. I started cooking in high school after watching way too much of the Food Network. The dishes I make are influenced by my Filipino heritage + childhood in Hawai’i, fresh and colorful ingredients, and all of the #foodie photos flooding the internet. My diet is not strictly one thing or another, but I do strive to eat real foods. However, I will often indulge in a burger, french fries, and vegan mint chocolate chip ice cream.

I believe that the best way to get to know a place, its culture, and a person/group of people is through its food. So I am eating my way through my new Seattle hometown! I live to explore and tell the tales of discovering eateries with an exciting menu and an atmosphere to match. What makes these foodventures even better are the people that share these experiences with me. A meal tastes that much better with great company. And if the food really sucks, at least we enjoyed the company we were in!

Something Savored is the place where I share my favorite homemade recipes, chronicle my tasty adventures, and celebrate all the things that are a part of creating my balanced life. My hope is to inspire you to cook from scratch and discover something new in the culinary world. From that new downtown restaurant with an inspired seasonal menu to the dinner you made for yourself on Thursday night, plus that awesome cookbook store in between – let’s find the moments to savor!